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Is this Buttercup?

Observed: 1st January 2013 By: Lucy CorranderLucy Corrander’s reputation in PlantsLucy Corrander’s reputation in PlantsLucy Corrander’s reputation in Plants
                               Is this Buttercup?

Clumps of leaves up to ten inches high(including stems). Smaller leaves in uncurling bundles. Three leaves at the top of each stem and each leaf divided into three - but not completely. The edges of the leaves are wavy, some (as with this leaf) with the tips of the waves rounded, some a bit more pointy.
Pale and dark blotches on leaves, the darker ones adjacent to the pale ones and very specially noticeable at first glance. The blotches occur at the divides /semi-divides / the lower bits of ins-and-outs.
My first thought was that these are buttercup leaves but don't remember seeing dark blotches like this before.

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What you have ...

... is not 3 leaves at the top of a stem, but a ternate (divided into 3 parts) leaf at the end of a petiole (leaf stalk).