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Mystery Artiodactyl mandible

Observed: 28th December 2012 By: featherandhayfeatherandhay’s reputation in Mammalsfeatherandhay’s reputation in Mammals
Mystery Mandible 1
Mystery Mandible 2
Mystery Mandible comparison with Muntjac and Roe
Mystery Mandible comparison with  Sheep and Fallow

This is a piece of the left mandible of an unknown Artiodactyl that I found in Forestry Commission woodland at Shelve, South Shropshire on December 27 2012. My first thought was that it was a deer, due to the rather pronounced angular process seen at bottom right of the picture. However, comparison between other deer mandibles in my collection have proved inconclusive (see photos) and I'm now throwing it open to iSpot for comment. Looking for some really specialist bone IDs here, I'm afraid!

    Likely ID
    Deer (Cervidae)
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
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