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Observed: 1st January 2013 By: keredtramskeredtrams’s reputation in Fish

looks like a big sand eel

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I doubt this was photographed

I doubt this was photographed at the grid position given. See a remarkably similar picture at

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I agree with Mydaea - certainly not at an inland site.

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Looks like the same fish has

Looks like the same fish has been snapped from different angles and photoshopped into one image. Oarfish alright, but from where? Amazing fish.


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image from msn news

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keredtrams, did you actually

keredtrams, did you actually see the fish and if so where was it?

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Oarfish alright but washed up on beach at Cabo san Lucas at the southern tip of Baja California. Glad I,m not a diver!

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They are a deep water species

They are a deep water species and are usually dead or dieing if seen at the surface. If I was going in the water off Baja I'd be more worried about the Humbolt Squid

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In the water

I'm with you there, pirayaguara.