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Unidentified plant

Observed: 10th May 2010 By: gc3775
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This plant has come up after I repotted something. It must have been in the soil but I have no idea what it is, any suggestions? There are two of them growing.


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Mystery plant

Hard to say (especially with my limited knowledge), but amongst other things it resembles a young Fallopia japonica (Japanese knotweed). Not good news if it is this - means that the potting medium is contaminated.
But I'm only guessing, so don't panic yet!

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Plant I.D.

I did a though years with the E.A. and came in close contact with Japanese knotweed. I have to say this looks very much like the plant, though it is a young plant and this maybe fooling me. If it is J.K in the environment it is in, you won't have to wait long to find out. Seek professional advise. DO NOT just throw out. Destroy plant by burning, soil must be sterilised by very high steam treatment.


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I am certain it is not JK.

I am certain it is not JK. My first impression was of Potato or Tomato, but identifying these seedlings at this stage on vegetative features only with no clues is not easy. There is a key to doing just that, but I have not used it myself, and whether it would cope with garden plants I don't know.

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Looks like a potato

This does look like a potato to me. Not JK so good.

Potato plants will grow from peeings with eyes as vegetatively, or from seed. This is early in the year so I suspect it is from a peeling with an eye or discarded sprout.


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My vote goes to potato too.

My vote goes to potato too. Unless there is a JK-Potato coalition on offer? ;-) [Sorry, just a little topical joke]

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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Stem is way too spindly for JK IMHO.

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Looks like a member of the Brassica family. Maybe oilseed rape (Brassica rapa)?

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just a humble spud

Colin Jacobs.
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