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Woodland invertebrate

Observed: 1st January 2013 By: bradscottukbradscottuk’s reputation in Invertebratesbradscottuk’s reputation in Invertebratesbradscottuk’s reputation in Invertebratesbradscottuk’s reputation in Invertebrates

About 1mm long, brown with six legs. Darker patch in the middle and perhaps a faintly dappled texture of the body. Body with occasional bristles. Hairy legs. White patch on head?

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Oh dear

I wonder if I counted correctly... :(

It was very small and my eyesight is not what it was.

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Mite be a might then ;-)

Mite be a might then ;-)

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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Looking at the pics on, makes me think it was a mite. Indeed, the pictures on there (and especially the one labelled Phthiracarus here) of box mites is exactly what it looked like.

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It is most definitely an 8-legged, Oribatid! It is most likely in the superfamily Euphthiracaroidea, but without seeing it's underside it could be in the superfamily Phthiracaroidea...

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Thank you!

Yes, my counting was a bit poor at the time. Since then I've been reading more about mites and soil ecology and have woken up to a wonderful bit of biology that I was barely aware of before. Just from finding a small creature on a bit of moss....

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I'm so glad you've taken an interest! I myself was more of a beetle person, but then I started working in a soil ecology lab, and I fell in love with oribatids very quickly! So much variety not only morphologically, but for lifestyles as well.