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Gnaphosid spider

Observed: 6th May 2010 By: LetitiamaxwellLetitiamaxwell’s reputation in Invertebrates
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16 mm ground spider, seems reasonably common in woodland

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Possible Clubiona

I agree it looks like a Clubiona but at 16mm I think it is too big. Someone thought it might be Amaurobius similis but I thought it was too smooth. Not easy. Thanks for your helpful comment.


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Not a Clubiona or Drassodes -

Not a Clubiona or Drassodes - too stout. Probably a Coelotes sp. These are found in woodland normally in tubular webs under stones or among roots. If Exhibition Wood is in north or western UK it is likely to be C. atropos, if in SE England more likely to be C. terrestris. Useful shot of spinnerets! It was only running fast to stay alive!
Spider length is measured from front to back of body - legs are ignored as they can be extended or contracted. This would make yours closer to 12mm which would be a large example