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Mucoid material

Observed: 30th December 2012 By: jlc17jlc17’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptilesjlc17’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
mucoid material

could this be unfertilised frogspawn?


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Hi Jlc17,Mucous like this is

Hi Jlc17,
Mucous like this is often found close to frog entrails and female ones at that. The ova are usually found adjacent to or among the mucous. The ova are found as small black beads, sometimes in clumps looking quite like caviar. If this was found close to the entrails in your other observation then it sounds very much like the remains of a predated common frog.

If it is frog related and it appears to be, it isnt so much unfertilized frogspawn as 'ova-less' frogspawn. The jelly is one component, the ova is the other.