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Darwins Finch

Observed: 10th April 2008 By: sylvia

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Cactus Finch

It is difficult to tell the shape of this bill easily because it is held open - however, I think its long length points to a cactus finch rather than a ground finch

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Thank you

Thank you

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Of the finches found on Santa Cruz the beak suggests either sharp-beaked ground-finch (Geospiza difficilis) or the common cactus-finch (Geospiza scandens). Unfortunately without a scale it is very hard to tell which.

The pink bill indicates this is a non-breeding bird, the bill goes black when the bird is breeding. The streaky plumage suggests it is a female.

Could do with a scale and the beak closed to be sure. However, the whole group are dynamic and beak shape and size can be influenced by environmental factors as well as species.

Graham Banwell

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