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Gall (Eupontania pedunculi)

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Gall - Eupontania pedunculi

On Salix sp caused by Willow Gall Sawfly

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"Salix sp" is not really a

"Salix sp" is not really a sufficiently precise ID of the plant to conclude that it is a particular species of Eupontania. That said, Eupontania pedunculi is probably the most common species and therefore the most likely to turn up - does that count as an identification or just an acknowledgment of the punters' favourite?

Robert Homan

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Robert note

the year of the record 2009, it was recorded as "Ball gall on Willow spp BkPrAv"*, at the time. Not being my main point of interest I never followed it up. However I don't wander far, (I don't drive), and visit the tree, maybe a dozen+ or so times a year. Forgot to mention, my thought at the time was Goat Willow, turned out I was correct. Had you suggested, (as your leading me to believe that your not up on your botany), what, (with the given ID) it was on, as in Goat willow, I would of confirmed it with a simple yes.

* That was just a snippet of the data I recorded at the time.

Respect, I am serious about nature too.

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I am very tempted to agree with the ID here but cannot for a number of reasons, mainly because I think we need to be more certain about the Salix sp.. and we need more pictures.
However see my recent one and say what you think.

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I think

that I am going to go no further with this as my time is now limited on line. Just one question: Are there any galls identical to this species?

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Origin 29th Aug
....there are a number of Galls on salix, some look like ours.
Say, for instance, Pontania proxima (just a little)
My initial ID was based on the Euura http://cedarcreek.umn.edu/insects/album/025007035ap.html
This is lovely - but not definitive http://adventuresofawildlife.com/2013/01/31/galls-on-willow-salix-species/
I don't think we can be absolutely certain of anything from a picture but we have come to agree because we feel it's right - I feel yours is right except the hair-lack.
I feel MUCH stronger about mine because I researched it well, in depth and then posted a number of pictures including one of the culprit; but NONE of the adult dissected (it's the only way) because I am not up to it.
Do look through the Other Observations (that's how I came here) and agree where you can or add comment so that posters feel they are not wasting time trying..
I wish you well
PS Despite Rob's hesitation, I am convinced. So I returned today and added an agreement - made me feel good!