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Which polypody?

Observed: 28th January 2011 By: BethanStaggBethanStagg’s reputation in Plants

Found on a wall in Plymouth - much smaller than usual for a polypody (6cm) but could be due to location. Frond tip very short, which makes me think Western polypody, pinna tips pointed and lightly serrated margins

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The two common spp are difficult to sort out from photos. The best character is to look for the dark row of indurated cells in P.vulgare. I cannot see these on this frond, hence P.interjectum is likely. However the sori are round and the frond outline could be P.vulgare.

R M Walls

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Dear RM Wallis,
Thanks for useful comments. Are the indurated cells the row of light perforations running close to the margin? If so,I can see them on this specimen