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Stems 1-1.5cm, with a flat plane of leaves, broadly symmetrically arranged in two opposite rows, leaves under 2mm roughly blunted ovoid (?), some perhaps with a small point and with a pale, thin almost triangular centre (nerve?), no visible leaf borders at 20x. Some stems have a 1mm pale cream ball-like crown with brown striated cap (see bottom right of second picture). Picture in situ is not in focus (sorry), but it was on the ground amid beech roots, on a slightly raised bank (10-20cm?) (fourth picture).

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Just looked at it again

Funnily enough, Diplophyllum albicans was one of my possible IDs for it, but I didn't quite believe it, though the band of colourless cells in the middle of the leaves should have been the giveaway. Now comparing it closely with lots of other pictures I can see that it is definitely this. Interesting too that the BBS field guide notes that in wet woodlands "it happily colonizes small patches of bare soil on leached boundary banks", which is exactly where this was.

Thank you!

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Just looked at British Plant Communities and I see that Diplophyllum albicans is associated with W15 beech woodland, which is also encouraging, since that is where it was