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Marsh bedstraw (Galium palustre)

Observed: 20th July 2012 By: ThistleThistle’s reputation in PlantsThistle’s reputation in PlantsThistle’s reputation in PlantsThistle’s reputation in PlantsThistle’s reputation in Plants
Cleavers (Galium palustre)

Thanks to Lavateraguy and Circuta for corrections to an earlier posting of this photo.
Edit: observation title corrected. Thanks to Ophrys for pointing this out.

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Probably needs the name adjusting at the top...


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Since the identification has been questioned elsewhere

I'll mention that my guess would have been Galium album (mollugo), but in the absence of a good view at the leaves i wasn't willing to make a call between that and Galium palustre. If it's Galium aparine I'm even worse at Galium than I thought I was - I would have said that the inflorescence was much too ramified for that species.

How wet was the habitat?

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How wet?

A relatively dry area of the field. This year it's one of the few areas which would have been dry enough for camping almost all year. That said, it's only 1m or so above loch level.

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I've looked up the distribution ...

... and Galium album appears to be scarce in the region (but much of southern Scotland seems to be poorly recorded), whilst Galium palustre occurs at a reasonable frequency, including some recent records from the vicinity of St. Mary's Loch. Galium aparine is also scarce in the immediate vicinity.

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I'll be careful to take special note of all the Galium species next year. I doubt it we can resolve the discussion before then.