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Observed: 27th December 2012 By: Joe30Joe30’s reputation in Fungi and LichensJoe30’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Not really sure what this is so if anyone can ID it, fantastic! It was found on a boulder in the middle of a brownfield site.


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Not easy from a photo

I usually need to rely on microscope work and/or the standard chemical spots tests for these dots-on-rocks lichens. One suggestion (guess!) is Lecidella carpathica - similar to the common L. stigmatea but with a coarsely granular thallus. Another idea is Porpidia.

I can see why Thistle has suggested Micarea lignaria. However, that species has globose apothecia and at most, those in the photo are very slightly convex at maturity.


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Many thanks for all your

Many thanks for all your comments, greatly appreciated.