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Steatoda nobilis query

Observed: 26th December 2012 By: Pedro PrimaveraPedro Primavera’s reputation in Invertebrates

Noticed this small dark spider sitting on the plughole filter of our shower. Its body and head are about 6-7mm. Could it be a False Widow Spider? A few days ago we returned from Tenerife - could it have crept into our luggage and got out? If it is this species, should I kill it as an invasive species, or let it go as there appear to be many in the UK now?

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Steatoda nobilis

This spider has probably been enjoying the house while you were away and just couldn't get out of the shower. S.nobilis does have a significant bite but if you do not provoke it it should not harm you. If you wish to let it go, it would like a shed or outbuilding of some sort.

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Status in your area

Steatoda nobilis is well established around London, so I wouldn't worry about it !

As Dennis says - they aren't much to worry about, being docile and only tend to bite if accidentally trapped against the skin.