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Observed: 14th February 2007 By: markogilvie
Badger? Tilston Feb 07 Image001
Badger? Tilston Feb 07 Image002
Badger? Tilston Feb 07 Image003

I came across this animal lying dead on the verge on the side of the road just outside Tilston in Cheshire, about 6 years ago. I've always wondered what it was - anybody know?
You can't really scale it from my photos, but I think it was around the size of a small dog.
Was it a badger? Colouring looks all wrong, but maybe that's just juvenile colouring?
Over to you!

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It looks like the erythristic

It looks like the erythristic form lacking the usual intensity of black pigment, but not as extremely as albinistic forms.

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It looks like a UK Badger but its fur looks strange & its colouring is odd. Size would help, although it certainly has a juvenile appearance. Why don't you post your photo & enquiry on the Natural History Museum website at:

You can be sure then that a mammal expert will look at it & perhaps explain its appearance. Any other details such as size, time of year, geographic location etc will help them, as would any further photos.