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Small lichen

Observed: 11th December 2012 By: dejayM
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small lichen
Strepsilis b

Quite tiny 1cm high. Brown podetia are ½ to 1mm


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Cool Thistle. I think you

Cool Thistle.
I think you might be right but I reserve judgement until I can return to the site and get a group in focus.
I have uploaded another for your interest - it was titled strepsils!

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If you do return...

certainty can be sought from the emerald-green reaction that C. strepsilis has with bleach (eg Domestos or Milton Sterilising Fluid). No other Cladonia sp. reacts in this way.

On the few occasions I have seen this species, the basal squamules have dominated, but I think this is C. strepsilis.


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Well, in the gloom of a 2013 Orkney afternoon I took out my GPS and located a small patch. At home, I did the test with cheap bleach and, well, hey! See third picture
So thanks again.