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Lichen with horns

Observed: 26th December 2012 By: dejayM
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An upright lichen perhaps as long at 4cms up through heather


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One of many to come!

This is not common here.
Picture shows main apothecium, typical of, but not identical to, others

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first post

My very first post - only 259 done since then - few of them lichens. Must do better next year.

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you must! Your first lichen was more unusual than the nitrophilous Xanthoria and Physcia species that dominate iSpot. I will never forget the 20p coin!

Only the nominate subspecies of Cladonia gracilis is known from the British Isles according to our 2009 tome. 3 subspecies are recognised in Volume 5 of the Nordic Lichen Flora, recently published. A proper migraine genus, but too beautiful to ignore.


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I have felt for a while, based on the full account of the C. gracilis group by Ahti a number of years ago, that subspecific identity of some C. gracilis in NE Scotland needs further assessment. Been on my "to do" list, like so much else.

But I am doubtful about their validity anyway.


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photo assessment

I'll get on the photo-case here and post another soon.
Again, it's prolific but doesn't like this month's climate.

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I will Nigel.
I hope you have a pleasant 2014.
PS - have begun.