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Clausilia bidentata, Moulton, Suffolk

Observed: 26th December 2012 By: martinjohnbishopInvertebrates expert
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Origin 26 Dec 2012
You are almost certainly right but a tiny note of caution.
It is more pointed at the tail end than the ones I am close-studying in Orkney.

Removed the hyperlink as it has failed
I have begun a new project here but looking at Balea (Balea) heydeni/sarsii where they co-habit with bidentata on trees

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on year..

OK Martin, have an agreement. It is unlikely to be anything else.
Above is my very first post in iSpot - I'm checking anniversaries!

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Hey, I am a Malacologist!

I am an amateur in all other areas.
Invertebrates are very large and so the symbol hides the truth.

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Oh yes, I've seen all your posts - I wish I was a malacologist!
I came back, just now, because I have was about to post this Like all good iSpotters I checked existing ones before launching. I found the link broken in my VERY first comment in iSpot (Dec 2012).
You know I stalk you!
Good wishes then