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Marsh harrier female

Observed: 19th July 2009 By: purplerabbitspurplerabbits’s reputation in Birdspurplerabbits’s reputation in Birdspurplerabbits’s reputation in Birds
harrier in bush
harrier flying
harrier flying 2

A female or a juvelile from the creamy head

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marsh harrier

Probably a juvenile, but difficult to be sure from these photos. Females also have creamy heads but juveniles are darker with pale tips to the tail feathers.

Bob Ford

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Marsh Harrier

My vote also goes for juvenile. The plumage looks new, very 'clean'. At this time of year the adult females look tatty and often have the odd primary feathers missing as they begin moulting.

Graham Banwell

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As in the proverb

Note that there are, indeed, two in the bush (probably both juveniles).

David Matthewman