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Observed: 19th December 2012 By: alex.oxford.uni...
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Head back
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A man had found this bird on snow in small town in Ukraine (Eastern Europe). It was alive. Probably it had just lost its energy in cold weather. The man wanted to take it home and to nurse it back to health but first he brought it to the local library to find out anything about it. Unfortunately nobody could identify it there. Maybe some experts from I-Spot can help him? My mum took some photos of the bird. (The close-ups are out of focus. Sorry about that. But they might also be of some use for identification as they show the shape and colouring of the bird's head.)

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What would it eat?

Thanks everyone for the identification!
Can anybody advise that man how to feed the bird at home?

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Waxwing feeding

This might help. Found on
Bohemian Waxwings eat some insects, but are primarily fruit-eaters, a trait that dictates much of their behavior. They eat almost nothing but fruit in the winter, relying on the berries of mountain ash, juniper, holly, and others. They also forage on fruit crops and ornamental plantings. Waxwings are susceptible to alcohol intoxication, and even death, from eating fermented fruit. Like most songbirds, they feed insects to their young at first, but switch to feeding the young berries within a few days.
Bill O'Brien