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Migrant Hawker

Observed: 26th August 2011 By: D.M.H.D.M.H.’s reputation in InvertebratesD.M.H.’s reputation in InvertebratesD.M.H.’s reputation in Invertebrates
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The male (which this is) is a medium sized dragonfly with steel blue eyes and two short yellow (antehumeral) stripes on the upper surface of the thorax. In flight the abdomen appears predominantly blue. At rest, a yellow triangle outlined in black can be seen located on the upper surface of the second abdominal segment. The leading edge (the costa) of the wings is dark. On the most similar species, the Common Hawker (Aeshna juncea) the costa are yellow.


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Thanks Chris closest I had

Thanks Chris closest I had info on.


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Hi, I just should have added that although quite similar in appearance in our area the Common Hawker is not at all common. Also they are very hard to approach, where as the Migrant Hawker can at times be very photographically obliging. Regards Chris.