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What is in my shed?

Observed: 15th December 2012 By: redmum

Sorry no description as haven't seen the creature.
I know I have some mice in my shed, but on Saturday
I went to the shed to re-fill my bird feeders. In the shed is a bin(plastic) with bird nuts in it. The bin has a small hole which I covered by propping a piece of wood into it, it didn't look as if it had been disturbed. Next to the bin was my husbands wellingtons and just behind them was unopened bag of compost. When I went into the shed I noticed the bag of compost was ripped open in places and the compost had spilt into the wellington. On closer inspection of the wellingtons I found underneath the compost in one of the wellingtons the whole foot of the wellington contained peanuts. The other wellington furthest away from the compost just had peanuts of a similar amount to the other wellington in it, but no compost. I now have everything in a large metal bin. Has anyone any ideas what it could be. We have no squirrels here as far as I know. We see the occasional hare and rabbit in the field next to the garden. I haven't worked out how the mice have got in either.


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Likely contenders are rat and field mouse
Are there droppings,if so what size.
If you cant find droppings measure the incisor width marks in the plastic.
Rat incisor are approx 2mm each
Field Mouse incisor less than 1mm
The length of the incisor marks gives an idea of gape size,e.g. 8-10mm for rat,3-5mm for mouse.
All above sizes are estimates rather than measured.