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My first Waxwings!

Observed: 18th December 2012 By: BDeed
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A flock of around 13 birds, Long-tailed tits and blue tits also present. Resting in a Poplar while occasionally coming down to feed on Berries.

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Still waiting to see my first waxwings, been waiting a long time now!

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It had been years for me too!

It had been years for me too! So exciting to see them this morning, someone from the Wildflower centre came over and told us they were in the park.

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Enjoy them! Awesome is an overused word, but a first sighting of Waxwings probably applies.

There have been a few 'Waxwing years' recently, but it's worth remembering that we could easily go into a period where they are very scarce for a number of years. Anyone new to birding over the last few years probably thinks they are a common bird...they are not!


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It's amazing how quickly they

It's amazing how quickly they stripped the berries from the tree they were visiting! (there was a very un-happy Blackbird!) They then moved on to a nearby Privit bush.

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Lovely birds! I have been lucky enough to see them four times since 1/1/2011