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Dischidia nummularia and companion guilds.

Observed: 16th October 2010 By: derrick.rowederrick.rowe’s reputation in Plants
419 Dischidia nummularia festoons a Paperbark. book
421. Dischidia nummularia even closer.
485 Dischidia nummularia with very compact growth (more detail of flowers)
428 Dischidia nummularia & Myrmecodia beccarii (southern form.) Hinchinbrook Channel.
IMG_0082 Dischidia nummularia with tubers of ant-house myrmecodias. Iron Range National Park, Cape York Peninsula, North Queensland, Australia
IMG_0163 Dischidia major growing alongside the ant-house tuber of a Myrmecodia. Iron Range National Park.

The first two photos were taken in the Cairns Botanical Gardens where growth due to ample shade is particularly lush. The next two photos were taken in the wilds of the Hinchinbrook Channel swamps. The last two photos were taken on Cape York Peninsula. All in North Queensland, Australia. Here the canopy is sparse, thus plants become far more compact, more succulent leafed and more dependent on true myrmecophytes for their survival. Edited. My initial experiences of D. nummularia were in Australia where there are no ant gardens. However, in southern Asia ant gardens are common and Dr Eve Kaufmann has reported that D. nummularia is a frequent component of the plant species adapted to these unique micro sites, thus they are inherently true mutualists.

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