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House spider eating onion?

Observed: 4th December 2012 By: Ringinglow

I saw this house spider apparently eating a piece of dropped, cooked, onion on my kitchen floor.
Is this possible? I thought they only predated other animals.
Perhaps if it was a choice between starving and death?

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I'm not aware of spiders 'eating' anything other than animal prey, but they do seek out moisture, and I guess that could be the explanation for this observation.

In fact, even when they catch an insect what they're actually doing is more like drinking than eating. They aren't able to take in solid food, so having captured an insect they inject digestive juices into it and then 'suck up' the resulting liquid.

Which reminds me, it's just about lunchtime!

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Highly plausible. Many

Highly plausible. Many thanks.