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Mystery insect eggs - now hatching - what should I feed them?

Observed: 15th December 2012 By: CPKSpot
eggs and larva

I found this cluster of eggs under my foot in the kitchen one day last month - probably brought in on coat of cat or gardener. Now they have started hatching. Has anyone any idea what they are, and what the larvae might need to feed on?

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Location mistake

The location is Warlingham, Surrey, but not the road number and name shown, which appear to have been mistakenly set when I did the map lat/long lookup.

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It would be a bit tricky to try to rear them at this time of the year, certainly a long term venture. The species is associated with a range of deciduous plants and in Deecember most of those will have lost their leaves. Your best bet is to find a rose bush which still has a fair coverage of leaves and let the caterpillars do their best.

Robert Homan

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Bramble may be useful fodder

Bramble may be useful fodder as it tends to hold onto its foliage longer than most other plants.