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Mosaic bark,further pictures

Observed: 16th December 2012 By: john4352
tree at bosherston
leaf litter

A group of trees showing this patterning on the trunk and to a lesser extent on the branches.The trees were all smallish,no mature trees in the group.

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Many thanks, John.

As suspected, it's an Ash, clearly indicated by the buds.

The leaf litter shows hazel, silver birch and what looks like alder - I'm not surprised at the lack of Ash leaves, they de-laminate (I don't think that's the right word, but you know what I mean) and you generally only find the central ribs in the leaf litter, at this time. But the buds are very definitive.

So, well done for spotting such an unusual bark patterning, it will be interesting to see if the pattern remains there all year round, and remains as the tree grows.

Many thanks for making the effort to go back there!

Rachy Ramone

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Thanks,I will be posting

Thanks,I will be posting another tree/shrub with a different bark patterning.probably another lichen.

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ash buds

A number of references (and poems) say that ash buds are black - to me they seem to be a dark chocolate brown or is it my less than perfect eyes

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Ash buds...

... are usually described as "charcoal" coloured, but that is probably more to do with helping people remember: you know, "ash" from a fire, charcoal, cinders.

They are very matte, and in my experience matte black can often seem to be dark grey: I wouldn't say they were dark brown, but then people do "see" colours in different ways - like scents, often it's hard to describe colours accurately.

I'm sure that if you took a pantone colour chart out to a tree, it would not be black-black! (If you see what I mean)

There are some uncommon Ash trees which have brown buds, by the way..

Rachy Ramone

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