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Solitary bee

Observed: 25th March 2012 By: lapidarius114lapidarius114’s reputation in Invertebrateslapidarius114’s reputation in Invertebrates

Lots of them feeding on flowering currant. Anyone got an id? I think its a parasitoid that preys on the hairy footed flower bee but I've forgotten its name. Thanks!

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Species with which a cuckoo bee (Melecta albifrons) interacts


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Melecta albifrons.

Melecta albifrons.

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Add an ID please

Hi Mydaea, please add an ID so we can agree with you, I believe you are correct.

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I will leave that to someone

I will leave that to someone else. Be my guest! I am not collecting 'stars'.

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ID comment

OK that's your choice, it's just that it feels slightly wrong to add an ID after you have correctly stated it, albeit in a comment.