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Brown or pink shrimp?

Observed: 8th December 2012 By: JaneEade
Shrimp Amy Lewis
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I think they only go pink

I think they only go pink when cooked, don't they?

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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I know lobsters go pink when

I know lobsters go pink when cooked, not sure about shrimps..Somebody just told me this is a pink shrimp not a brown one, but it looks brown to me. Is there a way to tell the two species apart?

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Common prawn

Thanks Gramandy, -oh dear, not a shrimp at all then!

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.. shrimp has eye beyond the rostrum with no serrations and its first pair of thoracic legs have the biggest pincers. Note yours has pincers on 2nd pair making this a prawn for sure. Your close up pic has really helped ID - prawns are not easy to ID - you normally have to get them out of the water and count spikes/check rostrum characteristics.