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Hydnophytum longistylum.

Observed: 29th July 2011 By: derrick.rowederrick.rowe’s reputation in Plants
80b Hydnophytum longistylum, Tunurua near Arawa, Bougainville Island.

H. longistylum Becc. (Odoardo Beccari) in Malesia Raccolta 2, p152, (1885).
(Malesia 2)
Merr. & L. M. Perry. (Elmer Drew Merrill & Lily May Perry) in Journal of the Arnold Arboretum, vol 26, p18, (1945).
(J. Arnold Arbor.)
The tuber has entrance holes reminiscent of Hydnophytum ferrugineum an Australian endemic. Note also that the plant has some unusual 'bubbled' roots that are probably also ant domatia (little homes.) Although externally Bougainville plants are quite different to H. moseleyanum, there are hints on herbarium sheets that H longistylum is to be subsumed under the former name when the long awaited Hydnophytum revision is published.

  • Hydnophytum (my sp1. Tunurua.)
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