iSpot observations contribute to wildlife recording schemes

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This item originally appeared on the iSpot home page a couple of weeks ago.

By using iSpot to help check your identifications, you can also play a part in providing data to the range of organisations that help monitor and conserve wildlife. Data from observations on iSpot are now being supplied to the wide range of wildlife recording schemes that play a vital part in monitoring and researching species distributions.

To date, exports of data from iSpot have gone to:

Although iSpot is primarily aimed at helping people identify the wildlife they have seen, rather than as an online recording system, the observations on iSpot do form valuable biological records, and we are keen that they are made available to recording schemes, who can then carry out final verification of the records and pass them on to the National Biodiversity Network. In many cases observations on iSpot have provided new locations for species in previously under-recorded parts of the UK, in both towns and more rural areas, and contributed to the tracking of the ever-changing patterns of species distributions.

Many of the recording schemes have active representatives on iSpot, and to contact them direct see the Biological Records Centre and the Association of Local Environmental Records Centres.


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I am just wondering if any of Ispots records are shared to the Irish National Biodiversity Records Centre .


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Irish records

Good question Foxy, to which the answer is: not yet, but it's on the to-do list! Will keep you updated.

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It would be great if the data

It would be great if the data was shared with the Irish Biodiversity recording scheme.

Sara Garcia Hipolito

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Doubling up?

If I'm adding my records to iRecord as well, does this mean that some orgs like BWARS are getting my records twice?

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If you add the same record to iSpot and iRecord it is possible that recording schemes will receive it twice, but the feedback we've had from recording schemes is that they'd prefer to receive records twice than risk not receiving them at all.

Having said that we are in discussion with iRecord to see if we can make better links between the two sites to streamline things as far as possible.

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found an insect on my allotment that i have never seen before. have took photo is a little blurred, but would like to upload it to you but not sure how. new to this.

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uploading photos

Hi Bruce, and welcome to iSpot. If you haven't already discovered it, the thing to do is click on "Add an observation" (button towards the top-right of the page) and follow the procedure there.

For more information see our Help pages:

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