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Pellets i think!?

Observed: 15th September 2012 By: Little_aukLittle_auk’s reputation in BirdsLittle_auk’s reputation in BirdsLittle_auk’s reputation in Birds
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I think these are pellets of some kind - owl or raptor? There are some beetle shell remains and definitely a little bit of rabbit hair (though i don't know if the main hair content is bunny). I'd really love to know what might have produced these!!

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Sorry I forgot to mention

Sorry I forgot to mention about the fur in my revision, I believe it to be from some kind of small mammal such as mice, not so much voles as they have a more Rufus coat but the colour could have faded from stomach acids possibly. This is just an idea, not fact but the fur I am confident is from a small mammal. Again the general small size and the beetle remains strongly indicates Little owl.

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Very many thanks both!

I had no idea on these - you're ids and info is much appreciated :)