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Myrmecodia beccarii "northern form."

Observed: 9th August 2011 By: derrick.rowederrick.rowe’s reputation in Plants
10 Myrmecaria beccarii. Cairns mangrove boardwalk.

A specimen on a deciduous mangrove species in littoral swamplands.

    Likely ID
    Myrmecodia beccarii ''northern form"
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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Airport Avenue.

As one leaves Cairns International Airport to drive into the city; a short drive down Airport Avenue there is a parking bay next to mangrove forest. There are two boardwalks here that provide safe and very easy access into the swamplands. Myrmecodia beccarii and a number of epiphytic orchid species may be seen here along with fauna such as crabs and mudskippers.