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Spider nest. probably

Observed: 2nd December 2012 By: AmonSzocsAmonSzocs’s reputation in InvertebratesAmonSzocs’s reputation in Invertebrates
some sort of nest
invertebrate nest

This little nest is hanging on a wooden board above my water butt. I couldn`t see any living creature around it, and I didn`t want to destroy it, but I think it`s a spider nest. Any idea?
Interesting to note the little round blocks all around the nest. Are they eggs?

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think these are moth eggs but

think these are moth eggs but not my field

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think these are moth eggs

Dorset.Mushroom, I am sure. is correct.

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Eggs probably of Vapourer

Eggs probably of Vapourer Moth, laid on the cocoon from which the female moth emerged. She is flightless, the wings remaining crumpled/ screwed-up like tissue paper.