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Bird on an aerial

Observed: 17th September 2011 By: Darwin's_disciple

Bigger than a Robin yet smaller than a crow.

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Not convinced it is possible to give a positive ID from the picture supplied.


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Thanks Mark, I did query an

Thanks Mark, I did query an adult or possibly juvenile Jackdaw but wasn't sure due to the lack of black plumage on the crown?

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I guess this photo was taken on a mobile phone. Not clear enough for me to hazard a guess. I am not telling you how to suck eggs but I remember being extremely unsatisfied with photos on my phone until I had the bright thought to clean the lens. My pocket must have been full of fluff if not worse. Much better after the clean.

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If you are using a phone and

If you are using a phone and its an Android, try out the new, free iSpot app available from Play.

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