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Black guillemots at breeding site

Observed: 2nd May 2010 By: dw5448
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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About half of the birds around nest holes in sea wall and defences. Some pair displays, nest hole occupation, and whistling to partners observed.

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These beautiful birds appear

These beautiful birds appear to be doing well in Northern Ireland. This is partly as a result of the provision of artificial nesting sites at suitable sites.
The marina at Bangor is a prime example which has been studied extensively over many years.

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Dapper as dapper can be! I

Dapper as dapper can be!

I had the pleasure of watching and ringing 'tysties' (the Shetland name for them) in Shetland many years ago. Probably the most intense and unexpected colour I have seen on a bird, was the inside lining of a black guille's mouth, an extraordinarily vibrant red.

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Intense colours

Have you ever noticed the inside of a Razorbill's bill? That is an intense yellow, very distinctive and I was surprised to notice it the first time I saw it.

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Northern Ireland numbers

I used to enjoy seeing the chicks in the holes on the pier when I lived in Bangor, but there are large numbers nesting on the old oil jetty at Kilroot and this is probably the main site on the lough now. Numbers seem to be growing.

They have caught the attention of day trippers to Newcastle as kids think they are penguins. These ones are right beside the Harbour Bar, so are difficult to overlook.

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Nesting beside a river?

There may be one or two pairs in holes in factory walls beside the estuarine River Lagan in central Belfast (Masefield) - am trying to get a better look.

Man made habitats seem to be making the difference - intentionally or not.


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pembrokeshire black guillemot

We have a pair in Goodwick harbour. They nested next to the Irish ferry terminal last year. I haven't been to see them this year but understand that they are there again.