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Chiffchaff maybe

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Small warbler-like bird
Chiffchaff maybe

I saw this small bird last week and posted pic number 4 then. Today with better shots and light I'm hoping it can be identified. The legs seem very light for Chiffchaff. Associates with other birds near feeders but I have not actually seen it take any of the feed available.

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Looks quite an interesting bird. [Unfortunately, I have an eye problem and can't focus well enough to see much detail!] From what I can see, it looks very pale below and greenish on top. The primary projection looks right for Chiffchaff, but the pale-ish tips to greater coverts is stronger than normal. Could be Chiffchaff from elsewhere in Europe, perhaps...they are quite variable.


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Yes it's annoying that although the photo looks generally ok it is very hard to see the little details that might help an accurate id. Your suggestion of Euro bird could well be correct as we are only 100 miles from French coast or 60-70 from the Channel Islands.
Another point is that when I fix and/or crop my photo the coloration changes. I often prefer to revert to the original colour before auto-fixing as this looks more like the colours that I really see. Still a novice at all this.

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I have agreed mostly on primary projection.