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Observed: 29th November 2012 By: Featherless bipedFeatherless biped’s reputation in BirdsFeatherless biped’s reputation in BirdsFeatherless biped’s reputation in Birds

Corrected title, thanks for the ID. It was seen clinging to strawberry plants and the apple tree pecking at underside of leaves. Pale grey underside, brown on upper - darker wings.

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That's what I think it is. Go ahead and put up an ID even if you are uncertain. That's what ths site is all about (and there are no negative points if you get it wrong!)

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I thought dunnocks had grey

I thought dunnocks had grey and brown streaks, that's why I was uncertain.

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Although primarily a summer

Although primarily a summer migrant chiffchaff is a species that does occur here during the winter in small numbers.

Jonathan Wallace

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Definitely not a Dunnock. Looks rather like my bird just posted which I think is a Chiffchaff but will wait until someone mor expert confirms my id. I am not surprised to see a Chiffchaff down here in Devon but up where you are seems stranger.