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Harbour porpoise at Newcastle

Observed: 2nd May 2010 By: dw5448
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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2 or 3 of 6-8 porpoises feeding for about 30 minutes then moving south along the coast. First image just shows countershading. Last image shows tailstock during dive

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The relatively triangular dorsal fin indicates porpoise. In dolphins the dorsal fin is far more swept back with a very curved leading edge. Though your first photo looks to be of an animal with a curving leading edge to its dorsal fin it is not curved enough to be a dolphin.

Graham Banwell

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Definitely HP

There is some variation in dorsals - I think the triangular idea is to contrast with the big dolphin "sickles", as you say. Because dorsals are not being used for individual ID in this species (unlike bottlenose), I think we don't look at them often enough.

I have seen this little group before I think - the one that rolls high and shows the lighter underside has been around for a few months I think, though I can't prove it really is the same individual.