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Lesser Celandine (Ficaria verna)

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Lesser Celandine (Ficaria verna)
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I entered Ficaria verna

and pressed save.

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worked for me Martin - enter the latin and do not touch the drop down boxes and it should accept your input

for Micks benefit here is a link to current taxonomy in Stace 3 HTH



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What if Stace is wrong?

I must have inadvertently touched a box.


Seems not though.

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There is a degree ...

... of arbitrariness to defining genera. But if you insist, as people generally do nowadays, that genera be monophyletic, you either have to exclude Ficaria from Ranunculus, or include Myosurus and (IIRC) Adonis.

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I think it has been ratified by agreement and with DNA analaysis and all that jazzin mind and stace has accepted the current taxonomical consensus hence his 2010 revision . As always the data bases do not necessary keep pace with changes If he is wrong then we are all in the Dark :-) and I should like to name it the " Spring Thing"

Best Wishes & Happy Xmas to All