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Oxalis debilis

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Oxalis debilis

12/06/14, the last added ID note should read, at least 2 species.

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Oxalis debilis

Hi Aaron,
Thank you for your interest, however I am not convinced. The carousel is of no use ether, as it depicts at least 2 species. It seems that no positive ID can be determined from a photo. So unless one of ispots botanical experts says different I am going to put an an alternative up, namely Oxalis species. Personally I still think it is O. debilis down to its flower being a deeper, more intense pink.

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Hi Mick, in my experience (I

Hi Mick,

in my experience (I have quite a bit of experience, I collect Oxalis sp.) O. debilis is generally a paler pink as in this picture

O. articulata is most commonly seen in the magenta-pink form shown in your photo (rarely paler or white).

Another character that you can see in your picture is the hairiness of the leaves. O. debilis has leaflets sparsely hairy underneath and on the margins of the upper surface. O. articulata is much more densely hairy as in your plant.

You might find this link useful http://www.archive.bsbi.org.uk/Wats4p51.pdf (not that O. debilis is called O. corymbosa in this article).

Hope this helps.