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Common mallow (Malva sylvestris)

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Common mallow (Malva sylvestris)
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Pliny the Elder (Roman 'scientist') loved this plant and said it could cure anything.

Both Culpeper and Gerard were more dubious. However both say the bruised leaves rubbed on a bee or wasp sting will ease the pain and inflammation.

Also a concoction of mallow and honey is said to ease child birth.

Graham Banwell

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I don't really know how we can be sure which plant Pliny was talking about, but someone seems to have decided 'malope' refers to Malva sylvestris and everyone else has run with that!

He seems to identify three types of mallow and ascribes various qualities to these. Some of the choicer ones are...

...a leaf of mallow placed on a scorpion puts it into a torpor.

...the seeds of one type, sprinkled upon the genitals, will increase lustfulness in a man to an infinite degree.

...if the leaves are placed beneath a woman in labour, the delivery is speeded up.

A top man...would love to go back and have a little mulsum with him and listen to his thoughts on the natural world!


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