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Ficaria verna

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Ficaria verna
Ficaria verna
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If you want to be up to date

Continental botanists have insisted for year that the correct name for this is Ficaria verna. DNA now proves them right, not exactly a huge surprise.

It was consequently called Ficaria verna in Stace, 3rd ed., now back in 2010, and this looks like a stable name-change that we should adopt and get used to. It is not a buttercup!


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Hi Alan, Thanks for the

Hi Alan,
Thanks for the update. I will change the image description, but if I alter all the mandatory requirements it will put my image on its own page - if you suggest that I should do that I will.

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PS Does the update

Does the update infer/imply that this should no longer be called by its common name Lesser Celandine..?

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Common name

Isn't Pilewort one of its common names? But Lesser Celandine will still do in polite company.