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Pink waving legs!

Observed: 2nd December 2012 By: chloe griffiths
Pink waving legs!

Wondered if this could be a burrowing brittle star or some kind of annelid. V. helpful suggestion from a marine biologist contact who says maybe it is a Cirratulid worm - possibly Cirratulus cirratus (Muller) or maybe Cirriformia tentaculata (Montagu). Could anyone confirm please?

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....cirratulid worm - I would favour your Cirriformia tentaculata due to the masses of tentacles which on this cirratulid are bunched together. Without seeing the worm I would just go for cirratulidae - if you revise I will go with you.

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Cirratulidae.... the filaments have blood vessels. If they were grooved they would belong to a terebellid. Usually there's no way to id species from just branchiae or feeding tentacles.