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Is this a chanterelle?

Observed: 5th December 2012 By: john4352john4352’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
fungi carew mill IMG_8432

seen at base of post on estuary path,the large one about 4inches across


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No it is most certainly not a

No it is most certainly not a chanterelle! Possibly Gymnopilus if its feeding on the wood.

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Not spelt correctly.

Should be Brown Roll-rim

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Not brown roll rim.. proper view of the stipe would help

As always several shots are best to even have a hope of identifying a 'shroom, A good clear shot of the stipe and gills from underneath would immediately have elminated chanterelle and shown whether it was one of the cortinarius (like gymnopilus).

Colours are variable, but most brown roll rims are dingier and mottled, especially by the time the rim starts to unroll.