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_MG_2470 flower

Observed: 13th July 2012 By: miked
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pink flower as part of cornfield weed seed mix

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This one has beaten me, but I though that the stem leaves were wrong for Malcolmia maritima.

The lack of basal leaves and mature fruits hinders identification, but it might be Raphanus sativus.

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Cursory google search...

...suggests that cornfield wildflower mixes contain Malcolmia more often than they contain Raphanus.

Not exactly botanical evidence, though!

Rachy Ramone

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Raphanus ...

... often enough turns up on disturbed ground, such as occurs during preparation for sowing cornfield mixes.

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I have a suspicion that its

I have a suspicion that its not Malcomia or Raphanus. Will try to contact the people who planted the area to see if they can find out what the seed mix cocntained.