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Small brown bird

Observed: 4th December 2012 By: MartincitoMartincito’s reputation in BirdsMartincito’s reputation in BirdsMartincito’s reputation in BirdsMartincito’s reputation in Birds

"Small insignificant brown bird" as my son used to call them, at the edge of a wood by the path. At first I thought it was a Goldcrest but looking at the photos I haven't a clue...

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Looks Chiffchaff-like, but another view of the head would be useful, as the crown appears quite dark. Did you get any other pictures?


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Unfortunately not... it posed

Unfortunately not... it posed for several minutes but it was hard for me to find it with the camera zoomed out... and it kept dodging behind branches.

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Similar bird

I keep seeing a similar bird which I think is a Blackcap in my garden but so far I have not been able to photograph it.

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Comparing my previous

Comparing my previous observation of a Chiff Chaff with Blackcaps eg and, I can see now that the pale area around the eye which is just about visible in some of the photos points to this being a Chiff Chaff. Not that I recognised it at the time :-) Maybe next time!

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I didn't hear its call. It

I didn't hear its call. It flew in front of me across the path, then flitted about in the low branches for several minutes until someone walked past. At first I thought it was a Goldcrest, mainly because the Goldcrest family has decided to tantalise me in this way, then I thought maybe I saw some red on its head - just a little patch. However, I was so busy trying to photograph it I didn't really get a good look!