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Rachy's got the descripion and here's the history...

The Irish Yew Taxus baccata 'Fastigiata' was discovered by a Mr. George Willis in 1740 in the Cuilcagh mountains(co. Fermanagh Ireland).All Irish Yew trees in Ireland and across the world are thought to originate from cuttings taken from one of his female trees which he had gifted to Viscount Mount Florence.For this reason it is also known as the Florence Court Yew.

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Theywere said to be female

Theywere said to be female

Cathal Mac

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Which is why...

... they rarely set seedlings that come "true": they are invariably fertilised by a Common Yew, and most of the offspring are Common.

I haven't heard them called Florence Court Yew before, so thank you for that, Peter!

Rachy Ramone

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