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wondered if this might be native Bluebell as opposed to Spanish ,hybrid,garden escape, or introduced ?

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As the flower is not quite mature it is a bit difficult to check whether the flower heads will nod to one side but I think they will.

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Pic of leaves would help...

... as the wideness of the leaves can be an indicator: "real" bluebells have narrow strap-like leaves, Spanish and hybrid have much wider, bloated-looking leaves.

The shape of the flower is usually an indicator, as well as their position on the stalk: as jhn7 says, true Bluebell all hang from one side of the stalk, whereas Spanish sprout untidily all the way round the stalk.

(Can you tell I am slightly biaised against them?!)

The actual bell-shape also helps: the flower should be slender and parallel-sided, curling out crisply at the end. Spanish bluebells tend to flare out much more widely.

Colour doesn't help, as both come in shades of blue, white and pink... but true Bluebells are scented, whereas Spanish are not.

Hope this helps!

Rachy Ramone

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Not enough to go on

Not enough to go on here, but I suspect this is the hybrid. In the area where this was taken, the hybrid is the more likely.