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Cladonia caespiticia

Observed: 5th December 2012 By: Urban NatureUrban Nature’s reputation in Fungi and LichensUrban Nature’s reputation in Fungi and LichensUrban Nature’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Very small, 2-3mm tall, found growing on a mossy bank within a Birch woodland. Any comments will be great, thanks, as looking at pics on the net, they don't seem exactly like my suggestion.


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Well spotted

Cladonia caespiticia has podetia that lack algal cells so I don't think it can be that. I was wondering about the rarer C. botrytes, but I don't know it and it is associated with conifer stumps. So, no idea, unless it's an immature version of C. ramulosa.


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I guess C.ramulosa is a possible, would such immature specimens have apothecia?

Can't say I know much about C.botrytes either - guess I may have to file this under 'miscellaneous'!


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Definitely not C. caespiticia, nor the very rare and endangered C. botrytes, sad to say. I agree with suggestions that this is C. ramulosa.

It is not immature, it is just small, as it quite often is.

Go to http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/268487?nav=related for really good C. caespiticia (Nigel's photographs)


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Thanks Alan.

I must admit, I never realised such small specimens of C.ramulosa were possible!

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I have seen it this small, but fully formed, in moss on acid dunes.